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What do I do if I want to become an Ice House/Ice Hut owner?
To become an ice house owner:

  • Purchase one or more Ice Houses/Ice Huts.
  • Purchase or lease a small plot of land (or part of a busy parking lot).
  • Apply for city building permits
  • Arrange for electricity, water, and a phone line.
  • Average cost for 1 house is approximately $100,000.

Is financing available?
Financing is not available through Ice House America or Texas Ice Express. However, many existing ice house owners have established local banking relationship and may be a reference. Some owners form partnerships and eliminate the need for financing.

Can machines be remotely monitored or remotely reset?
Yes, remote sales/status monitoring and remote reset systems are available.

How do I know I won’t be competing directly against other Ice House America vending machines?
Each ice house is assigned a protected area where Texas Ice Express will not sell another machine.

Click Here >>> Protected Area

What is included with each ice vending machine?
The initial supplies that come standard with each Ice House are

  • 2 Boxes of Twist Ties & Holder
  • Cloth Canopy
  • Standard Skirting Material for Flat Foundation Installation
  • Sanitation Kit which includes Chlorine Test Kit, Liquid Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing Spray Bottle with Hose, Gloves & Glove Dispenser
  • Standard graphics

Does Ice House America have a warranty policy?
Yes. Every ice vending machine comes with a 12 month warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Once the ice vending machine is installed what else must be done before it can begin operation?
Texas Ice Express handles your startup procedures and our experienced personnel provide thorough training and skilled technical assistance.

How long does it take Ice House America to manufacture and deliver an ice house?
Manufacturing and delivery usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.
Do I need any employees to run my ice vending business?
Not usually. The Ice House produces and delivers ice without human hands ever touching it. In addition, many owners derive tremendous pleasure from picking up money every few days. However, owners with multiple units may hire people to perform routine routes for their various machines.

What type of ongoing support is provided?
After the 12 month warranty period expires, ongoing technical support is provided through Texas Ice Express.

What additional information do you have?
Ice House/Ice Hut

  • Exterior wall panels – 4” insulated refrigerator panels
  • Built and anchored to withstand 150 mile per hour hurricane winds
  • Bill Validator Capacity – 750 new bills
  • 3 Phase Electricity

Ice House       

  • Building foot print is approximately 200 square feet         
  • Top of ice machines mounted on the roof = 15’ H
  • Approximate weight is 10,000 lbs
  • 2 ton ice maker - capacity 4,500 - 5000 lbs per day
  • OR, 3 ton ice maker - capacity 6000 - 6,500 lbs per day
  • Ice Bin storage capacity 6,500 lbs
  • Machine vends 16 pound bags or 20 pounds of bulk ice
  • Maximum capacity 500 vends per day
  • Water Vending is an option  

Ice Hut

  • Building foot print is approximately 84 square feet         
  • Top of ice machines mounted on the roof = 15’ H
  • Approximate weight is 5500 lbs
  • 1 ton ice maker - capacity 2000 lbs per day
  • OR, 2 ton ice maker – capacity 4,500 lbs per day,
  • Ice Bin storage capacity 1600 lbs
  • Machine vends 16 pound bags only
  • Maximum capacity 200 vends per day
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